• What is Vicostone?
    Vicostone is a quartz based engineered stone made for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and other interior surfaces. It is made with about 90% natural quartz minerals mixed with safe inorganic binders and resins. Vicostone is manufactured using authentic Bretonstone® technology and is sold in the United States under the brand names Vicostone, PentalQuartz and Pompeii Quartz.
  • Is Vicostone more durable than granite?
    Vicostone is harder than granite and engineered for busy interiors. Granite has to be regularly sealed and polished to fight off stains and scratches, while Vicostone is made to withstand regular use without the need to purchase specialty sealers or waxes. All Vicostone products come with a 10 to 15 year limited warranty.
  • Where is Vicostone made?
    Vicostone is made in Hanoi, Vietnam. All Vicostone slabs come from the same Hanoi factory and go through rigorous checks for quality and consistency.
  • Is Vicostone safe for food preparation?
    VICOSTONE is NSF certified for food safety and GREENGUARD Gold certified to be free of volatile organic compounds. VICOSTONE is proven to be microbial resistant by reputable organizations and completely safe for food preparation.
  • Can we use Vicostone outdoors and how does it react to ultraviolet rays and thermal shock?
    Vicostone is meant for interior applications only. Outdoor use is not recommended.
  • Does Vicostone produce off-gasses?
    Vicostone is GREENGUARD Gold certified for use in sensitive environments like schools or healthcare facilities and produces no off-gasses or volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • How do I clean tough stains or dried spills?
    Most messes and spills on Vicostone can be cleaned with a mild soap and warm water. For dried or hardened stains, use denatured alcohol or Vicostone cleaner to help break down the problem area and scrub with a non-scratch pad. Never use abrasive chemicals such as acetone, paint thinner or bleach on Vicostone. For more information on cleaning Vicostone including a list of approved cleaners, visit our Care and Maintenance guide.
  • Is Vicostone heat resistant?
    Vicostone is heat resistant but not heat proof. Always use a heat pad or trivet to avoid permanent damage to your Vicostone.
  • What size are Vicostone slabs?
    Vicostone is available in the following slab sizes: Standard: 119" x 56"; Thicknesses: 1/2" (1.2CM) (selected colors) Standard: 119" x 56"; Thicknesses: 3/4" (2CM) & 1 1/4" (3CM) Jumbo: 130" x 65"; Thicknesses: 3/4" (2CM) & 1 1/4" (3CM) (selected colors) *Cut-to-size items are available upon request
  • What cleaners or detergents can I use on Vicostone?
    Use only mild detergent and water for daily routine cleaning. Non-abrasive cleansers with a neutral pH (pH between 6 and 8) are recommended. Denatured alcohol or Vicostone cleaner should be used for tougher spills and messes. Never use heavy-duty chemicals like acetone, bleach or paint thinner on Vicostone.
  • Do I need to seal Vicostone?
    Vicostone is a nonporous surface and never needs sealing. It is engineered to resist stains and block harmful bacteria from penetrating the stone.
  • Do I need to polish Vicostone?
    Vicostone never needs to be polished.
  • Can I cut on Vicostone?
    Vicostone is scratch and chip resistant but not damage proof. Always use a cutting board and avoid dropping sharp knives and tools on the surface.
  • How long does Vicostone last?
    Vicostone offers a 15-year residential warranty and 10-year commercial warranty on all of its products. With proper care and maintenance, Vicostone can last a lifetime.
  • How do I register my warranty?
    Visit our Warranty Registration page to submit your information. You'll need your product name, slab number and run number from your Vicostone dealer.
  • Will my countertop look like the design on the website?
    Computer and phone screens display colors differently. Please order samples of our designs from our website to see the true color of our products. Vicostone quartz is engineered to have consistent movement and veining. However, differences in patterns and shade will occur between production runs. Please consult with a Vicostone representative for questions regarding specific designs.
  • Can Vicostone be used on floors, wall and fireplace surrounds?
    Yes. Please see our installation guide for more details.
  • Are you open to the public? What areas do you serve? Do you sell retail?
    Vicostone showrooms are open to the public, however we only sell our products to the trade.
  • How soon will my order be ready after it is placed?
    Slabs that are in stock at your location are generally available to your fabricator as soon as they can be picked up. Otherwise please allow 3-5 buisness days for Vicostone to fulfill your order.
  • What if I don’t have an installer/design/contractor/etc.?
    Most trade professionals in the areas we serve already work with us. If you are planning on doing your own installation and aren’t working with a trade professional, often fabricators or floor shops are the best resources for purchasing.
  • Will I see seams in my Vicostone?
    Although seam appearance can be minimized, they will always be visible. It’s best to discuss seam placement and appearance with your fabricator/installer prior to installation.
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